Sweet Home YOGA

Join our yoga classes in a beautiful room on the first floor overlooking a lush, green garden.

Small groups with 4 to 5 participants leave enough space to explore every pose and to ensure a personalized approach and atmosphere. Feels like home. 

Yin yoga - 5 Elements

A Yin yoga practice is mostly calm and soothing. Poses are held for 3 to 5 minutes each. It works on all levels of our being, since we  stretch the body along the meridian lines connected to our organs.
Our Yin classes have a focus on the 5 elements as in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where man and nature are seen as a holistic system. These elements complement and balance each other: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.
The balance of Yin and Yang creates harmony and opens the flow of life energy, bringing us back to our center.

Every Yin class is accompanied by the soothing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. This allows you to dive even deeper into every pose and the silence within you.


Restorative yoga

Restorative yoga uses props like blocks, straps, sandbags, bolsters, and blankets to encourage a passive release of mind and body tension. This style works to release deep tension passively, without active stretch.

This is a wonderful way to balance a very active, dynamic lifestyle and is especially recommended on days when your are feeling exhausted and tired. Recommended  also for people with restrictions in their body movement due to age or health.

Myofascial Release

Experience a highly effective technique that activates the release of muscle fibers (myo) and connective tissue (fascia) to ease restrictions of movement, tension and pain brought about by excessive sitting, postural habits, imbalanced athletics, emotional stress or injury. It is a type of deep self-massage using small balls and blocks holding each position for 3-5 minutes.

Cultivating active stretch in our connective tissues helps to increase strength an flexibility, improves posture and releases trauma in the body.

Private yoga coaching - Get your own personalized yoga practice

Whether your are a newcomer, beginner or already more experienced. Come and get your own personalized yoga sequence!

Together with an analysis of your body structure, taking in account your limitations and goals, we create a yoga practice that supports your well-being and fit into your every day life. A take-away sequence for your practice at home.


2 units, 1,5hrs. each.

1. part: body structure analysis, limitations and goals, creation of a personalized sequence.

2. part: evaluation, correction and repetition.

All yoga classes are available in German and English!


Join us on Tuesday morning, evening, Wednesday evening or Friday mornings :)

"If you can breath, you can do yoga."

T. Krishnamacharya

Yin Yoga

Restorative & Myofascia

Hatha Flow

Private Yoga


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